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eddie slowikowski

Rave Reviews

“What a great conference we had, and Eddie literally had people jumping out of their chairs, dancing and whooping it up! Just had to take a quick minute to let you know that we L-O-V-E-D him! Pieces of his keynote surfaced the day after…. that to me was a great sign that he made an impact on our group! YAY!”
Angie Potas – Region 1 Administration Solutions
“Your 4-Minute Formula was the perfect closing for our convention in Duluth. Our attendees gave you high marks, and you especially held everyone’s close attention—and caused some tears—as you recounted the story of your son’s baseball game. One of the individual comments noted, ‘Eddie was fantastic!’ Thank you for sharing your stories and your talents with us.”
Kathy Burton, VP Membership & Marketing – Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota
“Thank YOU for being our keynote speaker. I can tell you that the feedback I received in person from attendees at the conference was nothing but positive. Your keynote and sessions were by far the most talked about. We wanted the Greatest Show and you totally delivered that to everyone who attended. I wanted to pump up our organization with a dynamic speaker and hopefully reenergize myself in the process. I was able to meet both those goals through you, so I thank you for bringing energy to us.”
Kelly Cheeseman, Program Manager – AZ Parks & Recreation
“I cannot convey with enough enthusiasm in a letter how strongly I feel that Eddie Slowikowski can do far more than just be a speaker for a training or institute.  Our evaluations came back at almost 100% approval of Eddie and his message.  I have never read such positive evaluations of any speaker we have provided.”
Dr. Robert Dyer, Asst. Superintendent – Moline School District 40
“I did not have the opportunity to visit with Eddie before he left as I was pulled away for meetings.  Please inform him that he was WONDERFUL!  Numerous staff members came to me and thanked me for having him come.  Word has spread and even community members are visiting with me about him and wishing they could have been present.  I saw teachers who I never dreamed would participate, dancing and singing!  Our superintendent even commented how he normally does not like the “interaction” piece but said Eddie was truly enjoyable and he had much fun.  I am so hoping we will be able to bring him back in the future.  I cannot count the number of times I have heard, ‘Best Motivational Speaker ever heard!’ Thanks bunches for starting our year in a most positive atmosphere!”
Linda Victory, Director of Student Services – Ogallala Public Schools
In 23 years of running Student Council and Shepard High School and attending many leadership conferences, I have never had an experience quite like today with Eddie Slowikowski! We arrived back at our school with over an hour left till the end of the school day and we debriefed the entire time. I have never heard my students so excited and encouraged to do new things and to incorporate Eddie’s ideas! Life changing day!!
Gina Hana, Shepherd H.S.

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